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Love this tea... mellow and tasty. Does not give the jitters and is less bitter than green tea.

Maya K.

Very tasty tea! Just the right amount of caffeine without the heavy coffee feeling. Really enjoying this and SO happy I tried it! Telling others about it too!

Barbara D.

We're big tea drinkers and prefer Wize to all the other brands, period.

Jane B.

Although I really like all of the flavors, Ginger Lemon has become my favorite

(as I sit here drinking a cup of it now).


I've been skeptical lately of bergamot/Earl Grey flavored teas. A lot of them are harsh, florally, leave a bad lingering aftertaste, but this one is none of that. It's beautifully crafted. I'll be back for more.

Ashley H.

Wize Coffee Leaf Tea

Yes, these are coffee leaves

They have been consumed for hundreds of years around the world for various health applications and is known as a traditional tea under the name of 'kuti' in Ethiopia and 'kawa dawn' in Indonesia


Upcycling for year-round-jobs

By upcycling the typically wasted prunings from the coffee plant, we can generate year-round jobs for coffee works that would otherwise move their families to seek temporary off-season work


Wize Coffee Leaf Tea

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