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The most refreshing tea you’ll ever drink, period.

Featuring rare antioxidants, light caffeine, and a smooth thirst-quenching taste, Wize Coffee Leaf Iced Tea is the perfect way to refresh your body and mind.
It doesn’t taste like coffee, and it tastes better than regular tea.
The coffee leaf has a full-bodied and lightly sweet taste on its own, unlike traditional tea from the camellia sinensis plant, that has many tannins and a generally bitter taste. With Coffee Leaf Tea, the coffee leaves do most of the heavy lifting for that nice lightly sweet taste that everyone wants in a healthy refreshing beverage. We added just 1g of cane sugar to bring that taste to the next level, creating a perfectly balanced drinking experience the whole fam can enjoy.

The coffee plant’s
best kept secret

The coffee leaf has been consumed for hundreds of years in Ethiopia and Indonesia but has never been crafted with tea-style techniques. An article in the New York Times from 1854 states that Indonesian locals prefer Coffee Leaf Tea to regular coffee beans because “it is more nutritious”.
An antioxidant powerhouse with mangiferin, chlorogenic acids, and EGCG
With all these rare and powerful antioxidants, it’s no wonder that people historically praised Coffee Leaf Tea for its hydrating, cleansing, and positive effects on the body. Mangiferin, a more recently studied polyphenol, has shown potential to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, and even inhibit the initiation, promotion, and spread of cancer cells. We’ve compiled all the academic studies for you to check these claims on our ‘Research page’.


  • Pumped with syrups
  • Heavily caffeinated
  • Causes jitters and anxiety

Coffee Leaf Tea

  • Only 1g of sugar
  • Lightly caffeinated
  • No jitters or crash

Regular Iced Tea

  • Up to 45g of sugar
  • Variable caffeine
  • Highly tannic

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