Brandon Artis

Apr 11, 2021

Vancouver, BC


How did you discover your talent? What got you started?

My passion for photography really began as a child when my family and I drove from BC across the US in a VW Eurovan. I had packed along a HP point+shoot camera, and began to document everything I saw. I was so inspired by all of the new places we visited like San Fran, Las Vegas and the Nevada Desert, and I loved that taking photos provided a way for me to keep those moments forever. 

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

It was a toss up between being a photographer or pro skateboarder. 


Who was your biggest inspiration?

Back then it would have been Bam Margera, Tony Hawk, Ryan Sheckler, Daewon Song and Chris Haslam - all skateboarders. 

Now, its photographers such as Atiba Jefferson, Jonathan Mannion, Ricky Powell and many more. I’m also inspired by tons of artists online everyday. 


What makes you keep innovating and pushing your craft to new heights? What’s the intrinsic driver or motivation?

I believe it’s the simple passion to keep creating and the opportunity to help others succeed in building their brands/ companies etc. The world is crazy, having an outlet through art is important. 


So far, what has been your favourite highlight of your career? An achievement? A collaboration?

One of my highlights would definitely be shooting with the artist Takashi Murakami in 2018. I also had the opportunity to work for VICE on several occasions and that was awesome.  Another great memory would be my first large solo exhibit show. 



In regards to your craft, where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years? 

I’ve never planned things this way.. As long as I’m healthy, creating and enjoying life, I’m happy. 

Switching gears a bit… what do you think about the existing grab-and-go drink options out there? Are people ready for healthier alternatives? or will “Big Sugar” continue to dominate the landscape? (I.e. Energy Drinks, high caffeine, high sugar drinks)

I think there are lots of options out there, but not a ton of healthy ones. I believe people are always looking for healthier alternatives so I don’t see “Big Sugar” brands continuing to dominate forever.


How does Wize iced tea fit into your current lifestyle? And why do you choose Wize?

Wize is my go-to for when I’m needing a pick-me-up throughout the day. On shoots, editing, out cycling, skateboarding or on long drives, it provides the perfect boost without having to feel that gross sugar rush.   What I enjoy the most is how there’s no crash and the amount of caffeine is perfect - not too much, not too little. It’s also refreshing. 



What are your next projects coming down the pipeline? 

Currently, I’m working full-time alongside my wife, Danica with a non-profit organization running their content creation. I’ve also been shooting action sports and working with new artists for press kits, studio shoots and product photography. 

 Aside from all that, I’m really looking forward to the live music industry slowly coming back as most of the work I do revolves around music - festivals, concerts and events. I do miss it a ton! 


What’s your favourite flavour of Wize? When do you typically drink it?

 Hint of Lemon is my favourite. I usually drink it in the afternoon/ early evening. 


Thanks for the interview! Where can our audience find out more about you? (social media links etc) 


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