Iced Teas

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Get all three refreshing flavors in one convenient package! This is the best way to share, enjoy, and discover what the coffee leaf has to offer. 4 Cans of Original 4 Cans of Mango 4 Cans of Grapefruit
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Never has there been a refreshingly balanced mango iced tea, until now. Purposely crafted with the perfect amount of mango taste that dances with Coffee Leaf Tea. This one is like a mango party in your mouth, but without the artificial taste hangover that other drinks have.
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This one is for the purists. The perfect balance of Coffee Leaf Tea and lemon to refresh yourself and leave a clean, bright aftertaste.  *Previously known as Original: now with new updated labels and more balanced, consistent taste*
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Crafted with freshness in mind, this grapefruit iced tea is satisfying, juicy, but not too tart or overpowering. Many people don’t expect to like it, and then they LOVE it. Sweet Coffee Leaf taste with a bright grapefruit twist; there’s nothing quite like it. Buyer beware: this might become your new daily staple!
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