What is Coffee Leaf Tea?
It’s an infusion made from the leaves of arabica coffee plants. The leaves are harvested during the off-season, and thus don’t interfere with coffee bean harvest, nor does this process affect the coffee beans or the plant.

What does it taste like?
It has an incredibly smooth taste and lightly sweet finish. It is not bitter, no matter how long you steep it.

How much caffeine does it have?
It’s very light in caffeine (about 18mg of caffeing per 8oz/250ml cup). Comparable to a light green tea. It makes you feel alert and focused yet relaxed and it won't give you a crash. For more info, please refer to our Coffee Leaf page.

What are the health benefits?
It delivers antioxidants including Mangiferin and Chlorogenic Acids.
Mangiferin is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and neuroprotective action, and to help lower blood cholesterol levels. It is typically found in mangoes and honeybush and has been used in traditional medicine in Latin America, India, and China for hundreds of years.
Chlorogenic Acids are known to boost overall metabolism and have strong anti-inflammatory effects. They are also commonly found in green coffee extracts. For more info, please refer to our Coffee Leaf page.

How are your teas flavoured?
Mango Party, Minty Marvel and Jasmine are flavoured using natural water-based flavours derived from extracts (slowly tumbled with the coffee leaves to scent them, then sealed to absorb into the tea). Our Earl Grey is flavored with natural bergamot oil. All the flavouring is done in the Vancouver area.

Is it Fair Trade?
We go beyond fair trade on multiple fronts. We repurpose an underused part of the coffee plant and create value out of it. With this, we’re able to generate stable, year-round jobs on coffee farms and overcome the seasonality of coffee for the farmers. It represents a new source of revenue for a coffee farmer without the adding new inputs. We have also set a flat rate that we buy at, therefore avoiding all the struggles with variable pricing (like the coffee bean) and also ensuring that our producer and his workers earn their fair share. This way, each party has visibility on their finances, and it allows everyone to focus on creating the best quality Coffee Leaf Tea possible. For more info, please refer to our Impact page.

Is it organic?
Our farms are biodynamic, using the balance of the ecological surroundings to guarantee the healthiest product and most sustainable form of farming. Specific trees (like banana, avocado, guava, eucalyptus, empress, and nettle) are planted throughout the coffee lots to provide shelter and protection from pests and diseases. Since there are equal parts of coffee lots and protected rainforest, the rich biodiversity allows us to provide protection for our crops while maintaining the integrity of our product without the use of any pesticides.

Where do you source it from?
We source our leaves come farm-direct from a coffee farm in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The owner of the farm (Enrique Ferrufino) is the third partner of Wize Monkey, making the company vertically integrated “from Earth to cup.”

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