Sparkling Raspberry 12-Pack

Our most requested flavour is finally here! This brand new Wize™ creation delivers the delicious sweet and crisp taste of raspberry with a fun, fresh fizzy experience. Makes great cocktails or mocktails too!

Ingredients: carbonated water, real brewed arabica coffee leaves, sugar cane, lemon juice, natural raspberry flavour.

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Sparkling Raspberry
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Wize Tea
Four Grams Sugar
Wize Tea
No Fake Sugars
Wize Tea
35 mg Caffeine
Wize Tea
20 Calories
Wize Tea
Wize Tea Wize Tea

You asked, we delivered!

Customers have been asking for raspberry and sparkling varieties for over 2 years, and we finally delivered something delicious to refresh and refuel your body and mind.
Wize Tea

Why ride a rollercoaster when you can float on a cloud?

Take control of your energy and avoid those nasty spikes and crashes. No more jitters and a better night’s sleep, time to Wize up!

Kick sugar with every delicious sip

Just four grams of natural cane sugar for that real, authentic taste - no stevia or sugar alcohols, either! Just straight up good stuff.
Wize Tea
Wize Tea Wize Tea

What Others Are Saying

Wize Tea Wize Tea Wize Tea Wize Tea Wize Tea
Delicious iced tea with a social mission
I wasn’t expecting to love the taste of it as much as I do. I have replaced much of my coffee consumption with Wize Tea. Can’t recommend it enough.
Wize Tea Wize Tea Wize Tea Wize Tea Wize Tea
Awesome product
I have now basically switched to Wize Tea from regular coffee. This sampler pack let’s you try out all the flavours
Wize Tea Wize Tea Wize Tea Wize Tea Wize Tea
Smooth and delicious
Mouth feels clean and refreshed after a few sips. Very uplifting and energizing for all day drink with no jitters or crash.

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