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Last summer, three farm laws were passed by India’s parliament that leave farmers vulnerable to corporations and devastate their livelihoods. Farmers and supporters around the world have been raising awareness and peacefully protesting for over 9 months in hopes to have the laws repealed. On top of the farmer’s protest, India has become the centre of attention with increasing Covid-19 rates and has tragically lost over 300,000 lives. More recently, as India goes into their second-wave, they are also battling a new scare that is commonly known as Black Fungus. What is happening in India is extremely scary and heartbreaking; we cannot just sit and watch without doing something.

At Wize, we are a team built on diversity and empathy, so we felt compelled to create these new masks. All profits from these masks will go to Khalsa Aid, which has been directly supporting Indian citizens by working on the ground and assisting them during the Farmers Protest, and more recently, the Covid-19 and Black Fungus crises. Please consider ordering a mask on our website and supporting India and their farmers
  • All profits of the sale of these masks go directly to Khalsa Aid
  • Dual layer with stretchy earloops
  • 100% Canadian-made Piqué polyester (softer than regular polyester)
  • Reversible double-sided pattern
  • Moisture-wicking and very comfortable on skin
  • Made for wide variety of fits with tapered seams (one size fits most)
  • Washer & dryer friendly
  • Hand-made and sewn with care in Vancouver BC
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